Meet already know Lauren.

Unless you've been living in a cakey cave, you already know about Lauren Kitchens.  She's not only the owner of Fancy Cakes by Lauren, but she's a Food Network Champion, and fabulous on-line cake decorating instructor.

The ECG is a big fan, and loves when we come across one of our stencils expertly incorporated into one of her glorious wedding cakes.  Just feast your eyes on what she did with our Wildflower Outline Mesh Stencil below!

So when Lauren asked us to create a couple of custom stencils for her this year, we jumped at the chance! And we're happy to announce that she's come to the Dark Side and agreed to design a line of stencils especially for us!

 And that's where Brooke comes into the picture.

 Brooke is Lauren's most recent wedding cake client. Her wedding cake was inspired by a floral invitation pattern, and a Texas-sized guest list.


Lauren wanted to give the floral swags on the cake a more modern twist, so she had us design an outline stencil, but kept the flowers and the leaves minimally water-colored. To give it depth, we divided the floral swags into two stencils, one for the flowers and one for the foliage.

Edible Fabric Sheets

Lauren stenciled the flowers in blue royal icing, and the leaves in green, then painted over the pattern with a mixture of Petal Dust (powdered food coloring) and cooking oil (the oil base of this edible paint makes it so that she could paint right over the royal icing stencil outline without smearing the pattern, pretty tricky, eh?)

Now, of course, we laid out the Floral Swags as one color stencils too, what do we look like, Monsters? This way, if you want to keep the pattern all one color, or use it as an outline to paint over entirely like our Classic Rose Outline Mesh Stencil you're good to go!

Still haven't tried any of our hand-painting outline stencils

for yourself? What? C'mon? Just What are you waiting for? They're ridiculously easy to use, and such a relaxing technique!  It's like a paint by numbers set that you can eat? What's not to love? Check out all of our Hand-painting outlines HERE 

Afraid to dive in on a cake? Try one of the Cookie stencils first. You'll love the results ...aaaaand the process. Promise.