Meet Lil' Rolly

Read on for how Lil' Rolly Will....

1) Help you make perfect Buttercream Cakes

2) Make stenciling cookies a breeeeze

3) Make embossed Cookies & Cake elements really POP, and in NO time flat!

 Another Evil Cake Genius original product. Roll away knife marks, air bubbles, and mistakes in Buttercream, Royal Icing, and Ganache! Use with edible paint to stencil, highlight embossed details or writing and MORE! Is there anything Lil' Rolly can't do??

 1) Make Perfect Buttercream Cakes

The ECG always struggled to smooth out the line where she lifted her Frostinator or contour comb off of the cake. Not to mention the perfectly frosted tier that has tiny little air bubbles distracting from your awesomeness, or trying to get a smooth finish on domed tiers, complex curves or square cornered cakes. No matter what level of frosting greatness you're at, you need this Lil' Rolly in your cakey arsenal! It even works to smooth buttercream on cookies!

 The ECG tested out surface after surface to find the perfect material for smoothing frosting without leaving any texture behind. Lil' Rolly is Food Safe, and can be washed and reused lots of times. Wait 'til you see it in action!

But First, check out 2 Other Buttercream Essentials that you NEED in your arsenal.

Buttercream Essential #1: Wickedly White Powder Whitener
Problem with Pure-Butter Buttercream is that while it's delicious, it's never going to give you that crisp white look that the shortening-based "buttercreams" have. The ECG has tried everything to make her buttercream white over the years. Liquid Whitener gave it a funny texture, and that "tiny drop of violet" trick just made the butterceam look grey. So the ECG did what the ECG does...she whined and moaned and pouted. Then she put on her big girl pants and dealt with it. You'll be happy to know that she's found the perfect solution, is sharing it with you, and is wearing underpants.
Introducing Wickedly White Powder Whitener
It's easy! Add one TBS to a pound of your favorite buttercream. The ECG uses this whitened buttercream whenever she pipes buttercream flowers too! Start with the whitened buttercream and tint to any desired color for bold, opaque buttercream flowers that look as pretty as the ones made with shortening buttercream, but taste soooo much better!! It can also be added to any Royal Icing recipe to create opaque Mesh Stenciling Royal Icing!  Now feast your eyes on some magic:

Use your favorite recipe, or try ours:

1/2 Pound Butter
1 Pound Powdered Sugar
1/2 tsp. Yummy As Hell Flavoring
1-2 TBS Milk

Buttercream Essential #2: The Frostinator!

 There's simply no better way to get perfectly straight sides, level tops, and a crisp top edge on any buttercream cake than The Frostinator™, you MUST watch this now...

The Frostinator is made from Stainless Steel to retain heat and melt right through your buttercream for a fast fabulous finish.  And we've added a stabilizer foot to hold the comb perfectly plumb.  Now that you've got the perfect shape, time for the finishing touches...that's where Lil' Rolly Comes in... 

now that you have the Buttercream Trifecta at your fingertips, what are you waiting for?

2) Make Stenciling Cookies Sooo Easy

One of our new favorite uses for this little decorating powerhouse: Roll Stenciling!  Turns out, Lil' Rolly likes to multi-task.  Did you know that she can help you stencil as well?  Yep, we gave her a spin with our acrylic stencils on some cookies, and she nailed it!

It was simple!  The key was to make sure that the paint (our new ECG IncrEDIBLE paint) is worked into the rolly.  If there was too much wet paint, it would bleed under the stencil.  But once we learned to roll off the excess paint onto a piece of paper, the result was fabulous!  Check it out in the video below:

This technique will work with any of our Acrylic Cookie Stencils (the white ones, NOT the purple Mesh Stencils) Browse all Cookie Stencils HERE

Oh, and if you're covering your cookies in Fondant, it's even EASIER to do this!  Just press the stencil into the fondant, and use the Rolly the same way.  Even the tiniest of details come out flawlessly this way!! That's how we made these super cute Peeps Cookies

And, again...if you haven't tried the Fondarific Cinnamon bun Fondant on a Cookie, you're truly missing out...soooo delicious!!

3) Make Embossed Cookie & Cake Elements Really POP!

But how about Opposite Day?  We wondered if Lil Rolly would help our Embossed Cookies pop.  And the answer is yes in deedly doodly!  Watch this:



Now that you have yet another amazing use for your Lil' Rolly, get yourself some refill rollers and some paints, and give it a try!

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