Gum Paste Flowers...Geniused!

The Evil Cake Genius makes her some pretty pretty gum paste flowers.  Problem is, they each take about, hmm...let's see...way too long!  Now, this girl understands that a beautifully crafted show piece flower on a cake is a statement in and of itself.  That's why we carry the Simply Nature Line of cutters and veiners, Flower Centers, Floral Wire, etc.  But most of the time, there's simply not enough time to put together flowers one petal at a time.

But fast flowers don't have to look like they were whipped together.  Case and point...Our

Easy Waterlily/Day Lily Cutter and Veiner Set.

shoe mold

This bad boy was created to make perfect trumpet lilies so fast, you'll actually be able to see daylight during the busy season.  But, the ECG has found that with a little manipulating, and a set of Daisy Plunger Cutters, they make the most delicate, realistic Water Lilies you'll ever see...and fast!

For reals...

Just check out the video

Like that?  Yeah, we thought you we loaded up on a few more quickie flower sets that have been a staple over at the Evil Cake Lair.

This Dogwood Cutter and Veiner is stupidly easy to use.  Just cut, squish, dry, and add a center (these centers were made by pushing a ball of fondant into a wire strainer).

shoe mold

We also sell an equally genius Hydrangea Cutter and Veiner Set.

But how's about another quick and easy, but oh-so-sexy flower? We used our Primrose Plunger Cutters to make these little beauties below.  Just cut them out, roll the edges thin with a ball tool (if you don't have the metal set of these, you need to re-evaluate your life) layered two together, and pushed in the center with the back side of a paint brush.  Dry them in crumpled up plastic wrap, and holy crap!  Cherry Blossoms!


Ready to have your mind blown? Same method works with our Set of 3 Large Primrose Plunger Cutters.  They measure 2-1/4" through a ginormous 3-3/4"!  That's one super easy, super beautiful flower with no individual petal wiring necessary!  Same goes for our Giant Ruffle Flower Cutter set.

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