How many times have you heard "we just want a simple cake" followed by a description of something that is NOT SIMPLE?

Lots Of Dots

The ECG has, and it's time to take back "simple"!  Today we're gonna' talk about Polka dots.  Simple, Right?  Yes, simple, but insanely time consuming!  The Evil Cake Genius is convinced that if she added up the time that she has spent cutting out fondant dots, it would add up to at least a year of her life.  Let's not add the time it takes to stick them on a tier in a simple "random" pattern, that isn't know it's not random, dammit.  If it were random, it would in no way be aesthetically pleasing.  Nope, carefully thought out "random" is exactly what it is.  Well, what it is, is time consuming.  And time is money in this cakey-bakey game.  Many of you have already discovered our Dissipating Dots and Tiny Dots Stencils for this very reason.  But in our never-ending quest to end the dot madness, we've just created our Lots of Dots 2 stencil set.

Lots of Dots Montage

Evil Cake Minion Jenna requested this stencil for her very own Little Sister's wedding cake.  After all, Jenna was not only the cake maker for the event, but she was the Maid of Honor, too.  That's such a sweet combination of INSANE STRESS, isn't it?  So rather than hand-cutting three different colors of metallic fondant dots, we made her this set of stencils created to layer with airbrush colors.  Genius!!

Here's The Breakdown

She airbrushed the stencil with a mixture of Dinkydoodle Silver Airbrush Paint, Vodka, and our amazing Silver Powder (you can airbrush in just a mixture of vodka and silver powder, but the Dinkydoodle airbrush paints are made to dry INSANELY fast, so replacing some of the Vodka with the Dinkydoodle color makes the airbrushing dry super fast).  This is important for step 2, which is Clean the stencil, dry the stencil, and...wait for it...FLIP THE STENCIL OVER to airbrush dots in a second color (in Jenna's case, Metallic Gold, made the same way as the silver).
Now, if you're only doing two colors of dots, you're done.  And you can just use our Lot's of Dots stencil.

Lots of Dots Chart

But, if you're Maid of Honor level decorating, you have to add a third color, so you'll want to buy the Lots of Dots Two Stencil Set.  This set includes a second stencil to give you three different dot layouts.  In Miss J's case, the third stencil was used for Bronze/Rose Gold dots. 

Here just watch the video: Pretty Genius, eh?

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