Ruffles for all!

Ruffly cakes...we love them!  They add depth and texture to any cake and blend beautifully with anything from a lace tier to a modern marble tier.  But if you've ever done ruffles, you know that they TAKE FOREVER!!    Rolling, cutting, ruffling and applying fondant ruffles takes hours upon hours, and let's be honest, it's repetitive and boring to do.   That's why we're in lurve with these new ruffle molds by Marvelous Molds!  They create hours of ruffle detail in minutes, and line up seamlessly around the cake!  And now they come in three of the  most popular types of ruffles.  The traditional Romantic Ruffles, modern Scrunch Ruffle, and super-couture Rosette Ruffles.

 And the molds can be manipulated to fit taller cake layers easily!  Just watch the video below:

 Oh, and now would be the time to remind you that we have Fondarific's incredible flavored fondant.  All of their fondant colors are available in their delicious Buttercream flavor, but if you haven't tried the other flavors yet, get yourself some asap!!  The fruit flavored ones taste like Starburst Candy and the Cinnamon Bun flavor...Holy God, that stuff is a Food Miracle!!  It legit-tastes like a Cinnamon Roll!!! The ECG eats the stuff straight out of the tub (don't judge, you would too).

But we get it, Fondant isn't everyone's thang.  So for you Buttercream Peeps out there, here's a ruffle cake done completely without fondant!  Our Edible Fabric can be manipulated into ruffles and attached directly to buttercream!  It can also be stenciled with our Mesh Stencils and attached to a buttercream cake, so you can get crazy-beautiful details like that Floral Lace Netting pattern below without rolling a single piece of fondant!


    Check out the Video above for just how easy these ruffles are.  And want to see the mesh stenciling without fondant?  Click HERE for that video.

Now go make yourself something gorgeous to eat!!



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