BEHOLD.... The Cookie Cupcake! Cookies, Sprinkles, and Cupcakes.

The trifecta of fun has arrived!

The Evil Cake Genius is still working through her cookie habit from the Holidays, but let's be honest...cookies should be a year round staple in any girl's diet.  That's why we've been spending some time in the Evil Lair messing around with our newest combination in dessert dominance. Behold....the Cookie Cupcake!

It all started with our mermaid tail cookie cutter...

The ECG was obsessed with this cutter, and once we got in our new Symmetrical Sequin molds, a plan began to hatch.  What if we cover our cookies in home made Chocolate Paste?  It's delicious, simple to make, and works like a charm with our Marvelous Molds Impression Mats!  

It's easy!  Measure 2/3 cup white chocolate chips, melt them in the microwave, then stir in any of our Oil Based Candy Color.  Then, mix in 3 Tablespoons of Corn Syrup.  Wrap the mixture in plastic wrap, and allow it to come down to room temperature.  

Decorate the cookies, then insert them into the top of a Sprinkle-covered cupcake and refrigerate until the buttercream is firm.  Check out how easy it is in this here video:

And yes, that was our World's Best Measuring Cup in action measuring the Corn Syrup.  It is our go to tool for anything that is sticky awful to try to measure.  If you don't already have one, get one.  It's a life-altering piece of equipment.

Speaking of Life-Altering...

In honor of the invention of the Cookie Cupcake, we've developed a line of Designer Sprinkle Mixes!  These mixes blend Sprinkles, Jimmies, Edible Glitter, and Coarse Sugars into the stuff that cakey dreams are made of!  And we've made them 100% Edible!  Oddly, not many sprinkle blends are...

Just check out these glorious combinations:

Not sure about you, but the ECG is gonna start sprinkling every meal with Tween Age Girl and Unicorn Mix.  It's her New Year's diet regimen of only consuming Pure Awesome.

Wanna start your Cookie Cupcake journey today?  Check out all of our Cookie Stencils and Cookie Cutters and all of our Sprinkles, then go browse some glorious Cupcake Liners, and be sure to send us pics of your best combinations.