All New Cake Decorating Products!

It's spring!! Time for April Showers, May Flowers, and a whole lot of new cakey products that you need in your life!

Wanna' hear it straight from the ECG herself?  Watch below!

Now check out the finished Cake and Cookies!  This cake was decorated start to finish in the video above.  It was that fast!  Thanks to Three New Products (and one that's on the way).

 Our Message Plaque Stencil Sets made the adorable plaques on the cake and cookies possible without any tracing, imprinting, painting, or penmanship shaming!  They're just that fast and flawless!!  And they come 9 different sets for every occasion!

Fondant on cookies??!?!  Don't judge!!  Check out the new flavored fondant by Fondarific.  It's a wonder to work with, and delicious enough to use on cookies!!

Here's the back of the cake with another plaque:

And how about those frosting fan accent toppers?  There was no propping, drying or elephanting with our new Icing Sheets.  They're made for use with Edible Printers and Cricuts, but we just used our mesh stencils and folded them into these super cute toppers.  The sheets dry in an instant, so they were ready to stand up on the cake immediately!  No preplanning or propping required!

And of course, we used one of our Cakey Cut Outs for the edible band around the tier.  Absoluetly no skill required (unless opening a celophane bag is a skill).

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