Trend Alert: Modern Geometric patterns are H.O.T.
Whether it's part of an Art Deco cake, or stenciled over a Boho Marbled tier, these Geometric patterns are ever present in cake design this year.  So the ECG  has done what she does...figured out how to make this pattern faster and easier for you!

Ever tried putting fondant strips on a cake tier at any angle other than vertical?  It's like trying to get a piece of cooked Fettucine to stay straight.  The fondant sags in the middle, leaving wet spots where ever it touches the cake, and you're stuck trying to clean it up.  Don't worry, though, you only have to add 20 more pieces before you move onto painstakingly painting each strip gold without getting that all over the cake too.

Or, could use our Modern Geometric Stencil with Royal Icing and Airbrush over the pattern with EDIBLE Gold Sheen Airbrush Color before removing the stencil.  Genius? Yes, GENIUS!!!  Check out the video below:

And, YES!!  This can be done on a Buttercream cake as well!!  Just be sure that you use a crusting buttercream and chill it until firm!


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