New Stencil Designs and a Book Cake

Stenciling is such a versatile tool. From monograms to custom names, tiered cakes to novelty cakes. You need this skill in your cakey arsenal.  These new stencil designs by the amazing Aty, of Imperial Cakes are designed for so many uses, you'll be pulling them out of your tool stash constantly!

Let's start with the Laurel Leaf Collection.  These two stencil designs were created to layer.  Airbrush the Laurel Leaf Stencil, then Stencil over the top with the Laurel Leaf Berry Stencil for a rich two tone effect. But either of the two stencils stand up beautifully on their own, like on the gorgeous book tier below.

Speaking of book cakes, we love how she used her Imperial Bow Mix and Match Monogram Stencil to stencil a name on one of the book spines.  It just goes to show that with an imagination (and a pair of scissors) our stencils are an incredibly versatile tool.

Haven't tried stenciling yet?  Click HERE for a full tutorial.

And once you're done, check out how easy it is to create a book cake with our Double Sided Book comb HERE

It's just that easy!!!  Now get your supplies together, and start decorating:

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