The Evil Cake Genius has an unhealthy obsession with finding the newest products to make her (and yeah, your) life in the kitchen all the more awesome.  Here's the latest cache of Yaaaaas!!
Let's start with the Portable Airbrush Kit by PME.  This is the airbrush that James Bond uses.  It operates cordlessly, so he won't get tripped up by the compressor cord while dodging bullets, and it charges in a socket, or by USB in his Aston Martin (don't worry, it will charge in any car with a USB, or a laptop)  The ECG has been dancing around the Lair's kitchen with this thing ever since she got hers...oh, sweet freedom!!!

cordless airbrush kit

Now a little something for all of you Pipers Piping.  You've seen these perfect little Meringues and Royal Icing rings on top of those loaded up Buttercream Stripe and Chocolate Drip cakes.  Well, it's a Sultan Tip that makes them.  Who knew?  Well, you do now!     

Now onto a couple of Birthday Cake Must-Haves!!  Q: What's a birthday cake without candles?  A: Just a Cake!  And what the hecken' bleepers are you guys doing letting people put crappy little grocery store candles on your amazing cakey creations?!?!  To this, we say "NO MORE!!" Get yourself some of these sexy extra-tall metallic candles for your next birthday cake.  They may even be able to finish the damn song before the candle melts into the frosting!!

 And here's one that came straight from one of your suggestions!  One of you smart-heads contacted us asking for an acrylic stencil (that can be used on buttercream or fondant cakes with icing or an airbrush) that would eliminate the need to mindlessy pipe "Happy Birthday" (or if you're anything like the ECG, "Happy Birthd" before running off the edge of the cake.)  Well, here ya' go smarty pants.

 Okay, time to play the "what the Hell is this" game!  This, my friends, is the answer to all of your gum paste petal and flower drying woes.  This cute little drying rack has all the space you need to hang your wired flowers so they don't get smooshed while drying.  Best part is, they look like they're on a fun carnival ride.  Okay, that's not really the best part.  Best part is that it is collapsible, so it stores in a drawer out of the way when not in use! 

Now onto some new fun lace mats.  Well, mats...that you use with Edible Lace, but, oh sister, they ain't just for lace anymore!!!  This is just one of the new designs that we're loving.  A perfect Art Deco Wrought Iron Pattern!  Check them all out, we've got beautiful Filigree, fabulous Floral patterns, even snowflakes!

CHEAT ALERT: We're gonna sneak this on in as "New" even though it's a tried and true popular product on our site.  Our Yummy as Hell Concentrated Flavor is the signature flavoring in the legendary Evil Cake Genius buttercream!  It's one of those products that once you try it, you can't live without it.  We've had so many requests for larger bottles of this "nectar of the baking Gods" that we've finally started selling it in 12 oz. bottles at a great price, too!!  If you're already're welcome.  If you haven't tried it, what ARE you waiting for? 

But these are just the tip of the cakey Iceberg!  Want to see all of our new products? Shop the full category HERE

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