Meet Nielson Massy-The Extract Geniuses

Nielson Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

The Evil Cake Genius has impeccable taste.  While she lives in the same pair of torn up jeans and long sleeve t-shirts, she may not be a fashion icon, but when it comes to FLAVOR, she is damn-near Coco Chanel.  And she has learned that, whether it be a good block of Parmesan, or a good Vanilla Extract, always buy the good stuff.  You'll use less of it, and get a superior finished product...every...time.

That's why she has used Nielson Massey Extracts for years.  They are the Grande Dames of flavoring, and have been producing them since 1907.  

Their Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and Vanilla Bean Paste (with those glorious little bean flecks) go into everything the ECG makes, right down to her morning coffee.  And when it comes to Almond and Lemon Extract, theirs is hands-down the best.  Their Peppermint Extract is the flavor of the Holidays over here, and our wedding couples swoon over Rose Water and Orange Blossom Mousse to give their wedding cakes a unique sophisticated flavor.  But tasting is believing.  Replace your next extract purchase with a bottle of Nielson Massey, and taste for yourself!  Browse all of their products below, and scroll further down the page for three recipes to try out!