Holiday Baking Hack!!!

Okay, let's get real...the Holidays get stressful...between shopping, shipping, shoveling, shaking pine needles out of everything you own and sharing how deliriously happy you area about all of the above on Social Media, something's gotta give.  And when youngest-child forgets to tell you that you need to provide treats for entire cast of the Rudolph Review until 9 pm the night before (while you're prying a half-eaten Olaf-the-Snowman ornament out of the dog's mouth) don't sh-weat it.  We got you.  

This quickie hack works with Boxed Brownie Mix, doctored with some of our delicious Peppermint Candy Puff, and Grocery Store Icing.  And you're not gonna' tell ANYONE that.  Nope, you're just gonna' fricken' WIN Christmas.

Watch how easy it is!

Be proactive.  Order yourself a stash of our amazeballs printed icing sheets now.  You'll have them on hand, and when this happens, you'll knock it out of the park.

Here's everything you need (except the brownie mix, but you could make Peppermint Bon Bon Chocolate Cake with our Amazeballs Ultimate Chocolate Cake Mix or whip up a little Red Velvet Cake with our Universal Cake Mix so we'll add that to the list).

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Or Learn how easy it is to use Icing sheets on a cake HERE

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