It's Pie Season!  Time to be an Evil Pie Genius!
What do I look like, an Evil PIE Genius?  Well, as much as that is NOT in her job description, moniker, or skill set, people always expect the ECG to be able to whip out perfect desserts of every kind.  And she's got news for's taken years of slow, cruel experimentation on the Evil Cake Husband to get her pie game even semi-decent.
And now she's gonna share her tricks with you!

Just like cake decorating, it's all about having the right tools for the job.  That's why we've gathered all of the ECG's essential Pie-making tools all in one glorious Pie Making Category.  Now let's get started with some Pie Stencils.  Whah? Yep, you heard right.  The ECG has been stenciling the tops of pie crusts for years.  You can use Any of our Acrylic Stencils, but we've laid out a few especially for our flakey friends HERE  It's simple, roll out the crust, gently roll the stencil onto the top of it to ensure that there are no gaps between the stencil and the crust, then sprinkle with Cinnamon or brush lightly with egg wash.  Remove the stencil, and put the crust on the pie as you normally would.

Fold under the top edge and crimp as you usually do (which in the ECG's case, is really poorly...until now!)  Check  out this insane little Rope Edge Imprinter in action!!

 And YES, it works on Fondant for perfect rope borders too, so you can justify it as a business expense, just sayin'

Not in the mood for a rope border?  Use any of our Plunger Cutters to cut out scraps of pie dough into Flowers, leaves, even snowflakes to adorn the crust or cut reliefs from a top crust.  
Don't make your own pie crust? 
Who the hell does?!?  This girl is queen of the Pillsbury Ready Made Refrigerated Crusts.  They come rolled up, so all you have to do is unroll them and drape them into your pie plate, crimp the crust and take all the credit for an amazing "Home made" crust.  

Take a few minutes to browse the best of Pie Season HERE and if you're making apple pies, apple sauce, or apple butter, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET YOURSELF ONE OF OUR "MAGICAL APPLE MACHINE THINGIES" that peels, cores, and slices apples in seconds.  You'll feel positively drunk with power.  Promise.


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