Edible Pearls... Geniused

The ECG is a big fan of Marvelous Molds.  From their onlays to their game-changing Flexabet alphabet cutters, these guys know how to make molding E-A-S-Y.  That's why, she was stoked to hear that they have finally attacked pearl strand molds.  Their new Pinch Pro Pearl strand molds are pure genius...and they come as small as 4mm and as big as 14mm, so you're covered for any project.

These genius molds create damn-near 3d pearl strands, and they release from the mold like magic due to the genius design (check out the video)!

Want a full tutorial on using these?  Watch the inventor, himself demo them!

Shop everything to make these magical pearls here:

Now Check out our full line edible lustres to make them pearly HERE

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