Our Emoji Love Cookie Stencils have taken off as one of our best sellers this Valentine's Day! No big surprise. We all have a special place for those disarming little faces that can soften up what is often a cold, cyber-communication. Admit it. You've been saved by the Emoji in your recent past. The Evil Cake Genius herself learned the hard way that there's a HUGE difference between

She'll never make that mistake again, it took several phone calls to straighten that out with Evil Grandma. But, besides being the great communicators of our age, they're just so damn cute that they're turning up everywhere these days.  And now they can turn up on your cookies, cakes and cupcakes!

Our new Emoji Chocolate Mold set covers just about every cyber emotion you'd ever want to eat.  You can mold them out of chocolate, or modeling paste, and top everything from mini cupcakes to cakes because each mold has three different sizes

And since the ECG is all about making your life a little easier, here's a video of our favorite method for molding multi-colored chocolates (hint-don't waste time making multiple colors of chocolate!)

It's so much easier than traditional chocolate mold painting, and sooo much faster!  Just tint white chocolate or coating wafers yellow using our Oil Based Candy Colors, fill the molds, let them set up in the fridge, then Paint those details using our amazing line of Poppy Paints Edible Paints for Chocolate!  These paints are specifically formulated to paint on chocolate.  They not only don't bead up on chocolate, but they dry FAST and SOLID so that they don't come off on your hands, or on people's teeth or tongues.  And they even have a Gold Poppy Paint now!

They're perfect for cake pops, hand-painted truffles, or chocolate molded cake elements.
Remember when we painted this life-size chocolate running shoe with them?

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