Your Chocolate Domination Kit Is Now Complete!

Watch video below of how we made and colored these chocolate sneakers, fruits & vegetables!

A few years ago, the Evil Cake Genius finally caught on.  Instead of spending hours sculpting cake details out of modeling paste, she started casting molds and using those molds to create perfect chocolate replicas of whatever she wanted to adorn her cakes.  Especially with the trend in cake decorating of creating more and more realistic looking novelty cakes for birthdays and grooms cakes, this practice became a regular fixture at the ECG's kitchen.  So began the long journey into working with chocolate and coating wafers.

 As with everything in cake decorating land, the Cake Gods opened a window, and quickly slammed it shut on the Evil Cake Genius' delicate little fingers.  While chocolate molded pieces looked incredibly realistic, and took no time to make, there was no way to properly color them.  Our airbrush paints, and food color beaded up on the chocolate, and wouldn't adhere.  We tried oil-based candy colors, which worked better, but never dried enough to be able to handle the finished piece without the color smearing and coming off.

Then, the Evil Cake Genius decided to take a little time to visit a few cake shows.  The first, Cake International in Birminham, UK.  Besides being one of the coolest spectacles of cakey fabulousness, the show was a chance to meet some like-minded Cake-obsessed innovators.  It was at this show, that the Evil Cake Genius met her cakey soul-mate Dawn Butler, creator of Dinkydoodle Airbrushes and Airbrush Paints.   Turns out, Dawn's Dinkydoodle Airbrush paints WORK ON CHOCOLATE and coating wafers!!!  Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Dinkydoodle Airbrush Kit

So, we brought these incredible paints into our kitchen, and after testing them to make sure they were as incredible as they seemed, we added them to our Evil Cake Genius site to share with you.  Haven't seen our Chocolate Apple video yet?  Check it out now:

But, our journey into complete Chocolate Domination was far from over.

Now we could airbrush on Chocolate...Hallelujiah!  We could mask off broad areas with plastic wrap to make two toned chocolate pieces, but masking tape doesn't stick to chocolate or coating wafers.  So masking smaller areas to get finer details was still not a possibility.

Then we went to the SoFlo Cake and Candy Expo and met Alex, creator of Poppy Paint.  Poppy Paint is well known in Cake Pop circles as the only FDA approved paints for hand-painting on chocolate.   They dry to a hard shell, and don't smear or come off when the chocolate is handled.   The ECG is not a cake pop artist.  Cake Pops scare the crap out of the ECG.  Her lame attempts at them are an embarrassment and will NOT be shared here.  However, a little light did turn on in her little noodle of a brain. 

This stuff is the final piece to the puzzle. 

We now have Reuse-A-Mold reusable mold to make as many chocolate molds as our little heart's desire...Dinkydoodle Airbrush Paints to airbrush broad areas and create those wickedly realistic contours...and now, Poppy Paint to paint the fine details on our Chocolate pieces.

Enter Judy...Judy used our bakery for her gorgeous wedding cake last summer.  Now her sister was getting married.   Did we mention that the wedding would be held at the beginning of the Minneapolis Farmer's Market 5K race?  Not your typical wedding...not your typical cake.  Time to test out our newfound Chocolate Domination Kit.

Check out the video below to see just how easy it was to create the most realistic chocolate running shoe you'll ever see!

Here's the finished cake again, complete with that Chocolate Apple!

And yes, those peppers were molded with Reuse-A-Mold too!  They' guessed it...solid Chocolate.  We didn't promise you healthy living tips.  Suppose eating a solid chocolate running shoe is some kind of work out. Yeah, that's what we'll tell ourselves.