They're Back and better than ever!

Yeah, yeah, we heard ya' "Hey ECG What Gives? You Bogarting all the Poppy Paints, or what? We know, Cakey life is hard with out the best Edible Chocolate paints on the market, but sometimes you have to wait, while they're becoming Bester. The New Poppy Paints still dry super fast and form a smudge proof, water proof shell on your chocolate. And, as always, they're FDA approved and made in the USA, Home of the Whopper.

So when you feel the need to paint some Molded Emoji Chocolates, or have an insatiable urge to immortalize Frida Kahlo's unibrow in cake pops (like our new heroes over at A Dulce Bite) you've got all the colors you need.

So how exactly can you improve on this stuff? Well, the new formula is easier to shake up, and has reduced settling when on the shelf, so you have to shake it less between uses. It also has even better coverage, and even brighter colors! But most of our "New and Improved" comes from discovering just how much stuff you can do with the stuff! Since we first carried these, we've discovered that you can paint so much more than just Chocolate and Coating Wafers with it!

Check out how our Cosmetics Colors Set not only paints Solid Coating Wafer Molded Lipsticks and Nail Polish Bottles, but also kicks the the Frap out of painting on Royal Icing on cookies.

And with our New Poppy Paints Thinner, you can get that Boho-rific watercolor effect too! Just take a look at these gorgeous French Macaron's by Crumble and Co. with thinned out Pastels, and accents of Poppy Paint Gold Paint. Even with our fool proof Macaron Mix and Macaron Baking Mats, The ECG might beat the Frap out of anyone who tried to eat any French Mac that she made that looked that beautiful.

And, as always, the Poppy Paint Metallic Colors are FDA approved, and shiny enough to catch a Kardashian in a Coon Trap! They've even added Rose Gold to the mix!

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