Cookie Stenciling Just Got Geniused! 

Not gonna lie...the Evil Cake Genius is not a big fan of decorating cookies.  The thought of all that work being consumed with a mere "cute cookie" followed by some jerk snarfing it down in two bites gives her some pretty dark thoughts.  But, the Genius over at Stencil Genie has made the ECG reconsider her position.  After all, we've got some pretty amazing Cookie Stencils that already make cookie decorating go faster.  Add to this the amazeballs Stencil Genie, and the new Screen Genie, and you'll be Cookie Geniusing in no time! 

Let's start with the Stencil Genie.  This brilliant contraption holds cookie stencils perfectly tight against cookies.  Leaving you with both hands to work your magic.  They work with any size stencil (just extend the sides of smaller stencils with masking tape) and both Royal Icing AND Airbrush!  We love using this with both Acrylic and Mesh Stencils.  Check out the video:


As it that weren't brilliant they've added the Screen Genie!  This brilliant silk screen adaptor turns any acrylic cookie stencil into a mesh stencil.  Simply put the acrylic stencil in the bottom half of the Stencil Genie, lay the Screen Genie over the stencil, then sandwich it with the top half of the Stencil Genie.  The Screen holds the stencil perfectly against the cookie...even those little unruly bits and bobs that pop up, and EVEN large areas like stripes!  It works with either Royal Icing, or airbrush too!

  Check out Kanani's Cookies using her new Screen Genie.  Those are some seriously crisp lines!


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