Our Chocolate High Heel Shoe Molds are gonna change your life! You should have heard the evil cackles coming from our bakery when we tried this bad-boy out!

shoe mold

How long does it take you to make a fondant shoe?

Hours? Days?  Let’s see…

1) Make heel.

2) Let heel dry overnight.

3) Rig something to hold sole of shoe at the right curve to match the heel.

4) Let sole dry overnight.

5) Attach sole to heel.

6) Sole breaks…die a little bit, then remake sole. 

7) Let new sole dry 48 hours. 

8) Burn Sage in bakery, pray, attach sole to heel. 

9) Cut out and shape toe, sides and back of shoe. 

10) Attach to sole. 

11) Prop up toe, sides and back of shoe with plastic wrap. 

12) Dry overnight. 

13) Discover elephant skin on toe and back of shoe. 

14) Tear off fondant, in process, crack fondant sole. Sit on the floor and have a good cry.

15) Repeat steps 3-12 

16) Remove Plastic wrap and try to figure out how to camouflage ugly seams. 

17) Decorate shoe. 

The Evil Cake Genius has been there more times than she cares to admit.  There had to be a better way to make the ubiquitous high heel fondant shoe.  Well, there isn’t.  

But there is a way to make flawless Chocolate Coating Wafer Shoes!  Let’s see… 

1)Fill GAME CHANGING SHOE MOLD with melted chocolate coating wafers. 

2)Dump out excess chocolate. 

3)Refrigerate until chocolate has set. 

4)Unmold, Laugh, no really, LAUGH at how you just made a flawless edible shoe in minutes, and decorate shoe. 

And here's video proof of just how ridiculously easy it is:

And be grateful that the sound wasn’t recording…the screeches of sheer evil delight were pretty obnoxious.  It’s a full-on “Hell's Yeah” experience people!

Our new Chocolate High Heel shoe molds come in Platform and Stiletto styles, and produce incredible, big(6-1/2”-7”) shoes in minutes.  Mold them, pop them out, and decorate with any of our Shoe Accessory Molds. 


 But how about some free-standing ultra girly make up accessories? Who wouldn't want to have their very own solid chocolate or coating wafer Lipstick and Nail Polish Bottle?  Ever notice how those little afterthought additions to cakes end up costing you your time and profit?  The ECG does!  That's why we grabbed up these new 3D chocolate molds as soon as we found them!  Make those incidentals in no time! 

 Not convinced?  Check out this video of the ECG’s FIRST EVER ATTEMPTS at using these molds.

Those amazing paints that DRY HARD on chocolate and DO NOT BEAD UP are Poppy Paints and yes, we sell them. Find out more about them here...

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