Hello Buenos Aires!

In case being responsible for Dulce de Leche, Evita, and the Tango wasn't enough,  here's another reason to love the Paris of South America... Silvia!  Many of you already know her from her beautiful work at Silvia Favero Cakes.  Maybe you've taken a Master Class or done a Gum Paste Floral Workshop with her.  Well, now she's gone and designed a beautiful line of stencils! And you don't have to go to Argentina to get your hands on them!!

 We love her graphic patterns over a soft shimmer fondant, and thanks to the new line of Shimmer Fondant by Satin Ice, this look has never been easier!  Shimmer fondant comes in Gold, Silver, and Pearl, and even has this handy little mixing chart and convenient 4.4oz mixer packs of all their colors to make any shimmer color your little heart desires!  What an amazing time to be a cake decorator.

When ECG started decorating cakes, she had to forage for Mica, grind it with a Mortar and Pestle and paint it onto the fondant using a brush fasioned out of a Pterodactyl Feather.  Damn, you people are spoiled.


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