New Spectrum Flow Wipeouts Mistake Erasers

Because how often do you get to erase your mistakes? The ECG makes mistakes all the time.  And while these amazing new mistake erasers won't work to erase her 7th grade hairdo, or that jerk, Brad that she dated in high scool, they will help out with the plethora of cakey mistakes she makes daily.

Ever dripped airbrush color on your cake? or written "Happy Birtday" on a tier? To err is human...These new Wipeout Mistake erasers are divine!  They're like wet wipes for cakes.  Just pop one out of the pack and erase Airbrush Paint, Edible Paints, Edible Pens, and Smudges from your cakes. Check out the video!!!


  • Works on fondant, gum paste, chocolate, modeling paste, marzipan and more.
  • Erases Mistakes made in Airbrush Paint, Edible Paints, Food Color, Petal Dust, Edible Pen, and Smudges from your cake, cookie, or sugarwork.

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