Time for a little team spirit!
It's the end of summer, which means Fall Ball!  School is back in session, and Varsity Sports are about to start.  You know you'll have about a hundred sports banquets to deal with in the next few months, so why not get on your cakey game with our new line of Sports Ball Mesh Stencils!

It's simple.  You want to excel at a sport, you need the right tools, same goes for cake decorators.  How many times have you painstakingly piped the threads on a Baseball, Football, or the absolutely mind-ouchy hexagon, octagon, what-the-hell-agon shapes that make up a Soccer ball?  Get  yourself a set of our new sports stencils sized perfectly for cookies, cupcakes, and cake accessories, and you'll be voting the ECG this year's MVP!

You can layer them with Airbrushed Stencil backgrounds, like our Ottavio and Carrara stencils, and because these sports stencils are mesh stencils, not only are they way easier to use on cookies, but you can even  layer them, like we did with our basketball silhouette and our Calligraphy Alphabet for a completely personalized look.  We've even got Numeral Mesh Stencils so that you can layer your favorite jock's jersey number with any of the silhouette stencils.  And don't worry, we've got Tennis, Volleyball and Golf covered too.

Oh, and just to call you up to the Big League, we're gonna throw in your very own Papparazzi Blimp when you order any of our sports ball sets!

No promo code necesssary!  Just order any of the sports ball sets, and we'll send it along!

 Now let's check out how fast, easy, and flawless these bad boys are!!

So what are you waiting for?  

Suit up and Shop all of the sports HERE


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