Q: Why are you giving us $59.85 worth of awesome CakeFlix Tutorials?

A: Because we want to say "Thank You" for being an Evil Cake Genius Subscriber AND Paul Bradford and the CakeFlix team were generous enough to work with us on this.

Q: Do I have to create a trial membership with a credit card and cancel it later?

A: No

Q: Do I have to buy something?

A: No

Q: What's the catch?

A: There isn't one. We get to give you something of value and CakeFlix gets a chance to show you their Award Winning Website.

Q: Does Evil Cake Genius get any money from CakeFlix if I sign up?

A: No

Alright! Enough questions. Quit being so cynical damn it! Just click below to head to CakeFlix and BE SURE TO READ THE DIRECTIONS On the page. Most Importantly: This promo code is a one time use only. You have to redeem all 3 tutorials at one time!

 3 Free CakeFlix Tutorials 

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