Hollow Chocolate Moulding... Geniused!

From treat-filled smash chocolates to Cocoa Bombs and Dessert Cups, there are endless reasons to master hollow chocolate moulding.  Thanks to these GENIUS new 3 part chocolate moulds by BWB, this technique has never been easier.

They're so simple to use! Fill the bottom mould to the fill line with tempered chocolate or melted Chocolate Coating, place the liner in each mould cavity, and gently press the top mould into the bottom.  The chocolate fills the mould perfectly.  Most of these moulds create two halves that can be attached together to make 3D pieces, or just fill the hollow shell with candies, ganache, cookie dough, or mousse,  and cap the back for a flat-bottomed half mould.  Either way, there's no filling, dumping, scraping mess.  Just perfect shells! Magic! Now watch us make a candy filled heart. SO EASY! 

When it's cold out it's always a good time to make some Cocoa Bombs! They're too delicious, impressive AND easy to make to wait for the holiday season again. Check out the adorable Bat Bombs in the video (from Halloween) then pick a mold shape and any occasion with some friends you have coming up. BAM! You'll be the talk of the town. Well... at least the talk of the house.

Here's another video with a jumping bunny showing how EASY and impressive these molds are!



Seriously Magic!  Now check out some of our favorite 3 part moulds:

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