Get out the blender, let's make some drinks with little umbrellas in them and talk about the latest trend in cake design...Tropical!
It's fresh, it's lush, and it's easy with the ECG standing right next to you holding up your coconut bra.  And who is that over there sipping on a Mai Tai and gettin' her hula on?  It's none other than Avalon Yarnes.  She's feeling the trend, so she's jumped in with her snorkel gear and a pair of Tropical Leaf Mesh Stencils that are going to blow your mind!

Her new Avalon Palm Leaves mesh stencil is beautiful all on its own.  Stencil that bad boy on any tier and it's gonna wow the Maui out of anyone.  But she designed the Avalon Tropical Leaves Mesh Stencil to go right over the palm stencil.  And since they're mesh stencils, the royal Icing is so thin that you can layer up the stenciling without any problem!  Just be sure to throw some liquid whitener gel into your royal icing to make the stenciling opaque so that the bottom stenciling doesn't show through the top layer.

And of course, we shot a video!

But the Evil Cake Genius has been doing some Island dreaming of her own, so she dreamed up this classic wicker Caning pattern acrylic stencil.  This one is an instant classic.  It stencils like an island breeze because the pattern is super intricate, but there are no loose stencil pieces to fly away from the cake, so you don't even need to use our little tulle trick on this one.  It's going to be your go-to this spring and summer for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anything that needs a kick of texture.  And it works beautifully with airbrush as well.

Can't you just smell the Plumeria?  Now put on some Ukelele music, crank up your heat, and start designing your new line of !  

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