Two New Lace Stencils
It's no surprise that the ECG loves her some lace stencils.  Not only are they versatile and beautiful, but they're truly the most genius of our stencil line.  Seriously...the amount of detail that one swipe of frosting leaves behind on one of these babies is so brilliant, that every time the ECG uses one she feels downright drunk with power!
That's why when she had some spare time to design some new stencils, of course, she chose to add a couple new lace mesh stencils to the collection.
While our Scalloped Lace Garland has got you covered for classic vintage lace, and our Floral Lace Netting is the kind of lace that Victoria keeps secret, we really wanted to broaden the range.  Let's start with our Demure Lace Collection.  This sweet little lace pattern is perfect for weddings, birthday cakes and even baby showers.  We love it stenciled over a pastel cake with royal icing made with Liquid Whitener Gel.
But check it out glammed up in Gold!
And we're pretty sure that if stenciled in Black, this stencil would go all Sandy at the end of Grease on us.  "Tell me about it, Stud."

But she didn't stop way, no how.  Just take a look at our new Wedgewood Lace
This sweet little pattern could easily be embellished with edible pearls, but it really doesn't need a thing!  And yes, that's our Calligraphy Alphabet Mesh Stencil Set that we used to stencil the top tier.  If you don't have this set yet, you're really making the ECG's head hurt.  There's just no better way to get perfect lettering on a cake tier people!

Yeah, yeah, we know..."Vid or it didn't happen"



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