Unicorn 5 Piece Mold Set on Sale for $14.95 while they last! This set is outta this world! Seriously, check it out, then check out ALL our unicorn stuff below.

Get out your glitter hairspray and your rainbow onesie, cause they're here!

The Unicorns have arrived at Evil Cake Genius, and we're losing our minds!

Unless you've been living in a Troll Cave, you know all about the Unicorn Cake Trend.   They're girly, magical, and best of all, with our new Unicorn Eyes and Ears Stencil Set, you'll make this bad boy faster than a Unicorn can fart rainbows (trust us, that's fast!)

Now just sit back, throw some glitter around and watch the how slick these stencils are to use


And while you're feeling the magic, check out some of our newest Unicornular additions to our product line.

Let's start with our new Sprinkle Pop Unicorn Mix Sprinkles


Did you happen to notice the TEENY TINY EDIBLE UNICORNS in that sprinkle mix?  Oh....My...GOD!!!

I want, I want, I want, gimmee, gimmee, GIMMEE!

 Need more?  Okay, how's about some cookies or cupcake toppers?  Our Unicorn Hearts and Bows Cookie Stencil and Sprinkle Set can out-girl a tweenage girl hopped up on Pixie Stix and Red Bull.


Yeah, yeah, video evidence or it didn't happen. 

Okay, okay, one more product you have to have before we return to reality.  Our new 3D Unicorn Accessory Molds are selling like mad.  And for good reason.  How's about that 3D horn mold?  The ECG guarantees, that's gonna change your life.  Crank those horns out of Candy Melts in no time flat.  No waiting for gumpaste to set up.  No flat side on the horn where it laid while drying.  No lopsided, droopy horns.  (Insert your own Lopsided, Droopy Horn Joke here, the ECG is a Lady, she wouldn't think of such smut...shame on you.)


There's so much Unicorny  goodness going on here that we can't.  We just can't...

Check out all of the new Unicorn Cake and Cookie Stencils HERE (link suitable for magical girly bakers only, Evil Cake Genius will not be held liable for any sugar headaches or mind-splosions of awesomeness, enter at your own risk)

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