It's Rude to Point

 Etiquette is important.  We all know that the world is a better place with these little guidelines to keep chaos from reigning down upon your afternoon tea.  But there are a few well-thought out loopholes.  Did you know that it is perfectly acceptible to eat asparagus with your fingers...for reals....look it up.  And, while it's rude to's not so rude if you're doing it with a cookie.  Especially, if said cookie has a lovey message on it. 

 Our two new Arrow Cookie Stencil Sets let you skate right by stuffy convention, so let it all hang out! It's not like you're pointing at at them because their fly is down, you're pointing at them because you love them so damn much!

And both of these Cookies are topped with Chocolate Paste mixed with Fondant instead of Royal Icing, which means:

1)They're super easy and fast to make.  2)They're super delicious! 

And just to prove  how easy they are to make, we dragged our new Book Keeper, Becky back into the kitchen and made her do the stenciling for us!  No kidding.  Look at her go!



Now here's one of the ECG making the Chocolate Paste and stenciling too:

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Now we know how much you guys Lurve our Rose Tattoo Mesh Stencil Set, so we made a cookie set especially for Valentine's Day and Weddings (shown on the bad ass red cookies below left).

And we used the larger, original Cake-sized stencil to dress up a 3D Chocolate Heart topper made with our new favorite Chocolate Mold.  It's ridiculously easy to use, and you can use White Chocolate or Candy melts, and Airbrush it with our ECG Airbrush Colors (gold shown here) because they WORK ON CHOCOLATE!!!  Check out the Video to see how easy this was to make!
Pretty sweet, eh?  They let the ECG play with a is fun!
Know what else is fun?  Those gorgeous ECG Cake Flakes that we used on that cake!
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