Let's Get Sorted!

You know the ECG loves her some Harry Potter.  She's read all the books, watched the movies, and made pilgrimage to Warner Brother's Studio outside of London with some of her favorite Cake Witches.  And of course...she's been sorted.  So has her Husband, Captain Leisure (Gryffindor, of course), and her two dogs (RavenPaw and Slytherin).  So she's pretty shocked when she runs into a new friend (muggle or otherwise) who hasn't been sorted!  So she devised a simpler (and social) solution to sort out her party guests...Sorting Cupcakes!

Let's talk details:

These cupcakes are easy to make, and a great ice-breaker.  Those of her friends, who already know their house can grab a cupcake topped with our Wizarding Houses Edible Cupcake Toppers and corresponding Wizarding House Sprinkles.  Those unfortunates who have never been sorted simply grab a cupcake topped with an Sorting Hat.  Once they take a bite, their house is revealed by whichever Wizarding House Sprinkle Blend spills out of the cupcake!  Ya' know they say, the Cupcake Chooses the Wizard.

Watch them in action:

And with School about to start, you better get sorting!  Here' s everything you need to make your own Sorting Cupcakes.

Oh, one more thing! While we're talking about sexy drinks, did you know we have a whole category dedicated to upping your beverage game??  Be sure to grab some Edible Glitter to add to your Butter Beer for that extra magical touch!

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