YES! Our Acrylic Stencils work great on buttercream! See for yourself, then read below for tips and an Acrylic Stencil Tutorial!

Now watch the full length Acrylic Stencil Tutorial:

The Evil Cake Genius explains her method for acrylic stenciling success. Get ready for answers to these FAQ:

• What consistency should my royal icing be?

• Why do you use Tulle in your videos?

• Who is Virginia? and... quick follow up: Can you get rid of her?

THIS METHOD WORKS FOR FONDANT OR BUTTERCREAM CAKES!! Read below for details if you're stenciling onto buttercream.

Tips for Acrylic Stenciling on Buttercream:

  • Follow the same steps in the tutorial, but be sure that your buttercream is SET UP and chilled thoroughly before stenciling. 
  • When stenciling on a buttercream cake, stencil with tinted buttercream instead of Royal Icing.
  • Chill the cake after the first round of stenciling to set up completely before stenciling the second side of the cake.
  • The ECG uses the following recipe for buttercream (it sets up firm enough to stencil in an hour or two in the fridge, no need to freeze).

ECG Pure Butter Buttercream:

1 lb. Butter

2 lbs. Confectioner's Sugar

2-4 TBS Milk

1/2 tsp. Yummy as Hell Flavoring

3 TBS Wickedly White Powder (for pure white buttercream)

Soften butter, combine all ingredients except milk and beat with a paddle on medium speed until incorporated.  Do not overbeat!  Add milk until you've acheived the desired consistency for icing.

**If using your own buttercream recipe, experiment with how long you need to chill the frosted cake to get the buttercream firm enough to stencil over it.  Some buttercreams (especially those made with shortening) may require freezing in order to firm up the buttercream enough to stencil over it.  Experiment with yours to find what is best for you.**

Done Watching? Download this handy printable step by step PDF picture tutorial and then download this one for lace stencils too!

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