6 Reasons you'll LOVE airbrushing....

Whether you're looking to start airbrushing, or it's time to invest in a Pro Airbrush Kit, the ECG has you covered!

We've put together a range of great airbrushes, from self-contained plug-and-play, to Pro Starter Sets that you can add to as your needs grow and change.  No need to try to navagate a bunch of mumbo jumbo to figure out which hoses, compressors, heads, and needles you need.  The ECG has put together the perfect kits and matching accessories to make outfitting yourself with the best systems for cake decorating easy! Seriously plug and play!  So what are you waiting for?  Start upping your cakey game today.  You'll never know how you lived without one of these in your life!!

6 Reasons you'll LOVE airbrushing....

The Evil Cake Genius, herself, put off getting an airbrush for years! She thought that airbrushes were for terrible caricature artists at the fair, and had no place in her haughty luxury wedding cake world. Well La-Di-Fricken-Da...Miss Fancy Pants was wrong!! Within a year of getting her airbrush, there were ZERO cakes leaving the Evil Lair that hadn't been touched by an airbrush.

Here are just a few essential things she does with her airbrush:

Subtle Shading

Whether it be antique yellowing on our Vintage Butterfly Mesh Stencil cake, or soft Atlantic Skies, either one of these cake designs would have fallen flat without that kick of depth from Airbrushing.

Not so Subtle Shading

A Grafitti Cake is a no-brainer for an airbrush, and come on...Stratocaster Sunburst!  but the ECG can hardly stand to look back at any baseball hat cakes she made before she discovered airbrushing.  Just airbrush the seams with one shade darker than the hat, and damn...that thing looks far too real to eat!

Metallics and Pearlized Cakes

There is simply no better way to get a smooth, non streaky metallic finish on a cake than with an airbrush.  Whether you're using our Metallic Powders mixed with vodka, or  Evil Cake Genius Metallic Airbrush Paints straight from the bottle, it's really the only way to go.  This application is best done with Dinkydoodle's Large Project Pen, with a larger needle and a ginormous cup for holding enough paint to get you through the project!

Acrylic Stenciling

Of course, the ECG's FAVORITE thing to airbrush are Acrylic Stencils!  It makes Metallics pop, like on our Velvet Burnout Stencil (cake by Love Birds Sweets) and since airbrushing leaves no raised pattern, it can be stenciled over and over in different layers and colors like this Lots of Dots Stencil.  For fine detailing and delicate stencils, our Dinkydoodle Fine Airbrush Pen is the way to go for accuracy and control.

Sugar Flowers

Don't care if you make Gum Paste or Wafer Paper Flowers, if you're making more than one, you've got to start airbrushing them!!!  Airbrushing adds the same subtle shading as hand-dusting with petal dusts in a fraction of the time!!  Couple that with our new Gum Paste Flower Kits, and you're gonna crush it!! (Oh, God, not literally...bad adjective to use with sugar flowers, my bad).

Ombre Effect

Ombre is hot!  And the only way to truly blend colors seamlessly is by airbrushing.

Now just try to tell us that you don't have need for any of the above-mentioned techniques.  You can't can you?  Now how about the fact that we've sourced the best airbrushes on the market!

So what are you waiting for?  Start upping your cakey game today.  You'll never know how you lived without one of these in your life!!

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