Not to push the season, but...just BEAR with us...

Let's start with our new Polar Bear Cookies Mesh Stencil Set. This adorable cookie cutter and mesh stencil set is not  just adorable and fun to use, but it apparently has power over weather patterns 'cause the morning after we made these bad boys, we woke up to a whole day's worth of the white stuff. You've been warned.

We love these big lugs! The set includes the cookie cutter, two "Let it Snow" mesh stencils and one scarf pattern mesh stencil. So, with one swipe of royal icing, you can make 5 bear scarves! We used PME Fondant for the scarves, which just so happens to come in a gorgeous turquoise color so you don't even have to color fondant.  How's that for easy? But of course, we've got video proof:

Now if you think we make that look too easy, you'll just have to see our Beary Christmas Cookie Stencil set. Cause it just so happens that after we shot the video, for these bad boys, a bunch of the ECG's out of town relatives descended upon her Evil Lair. And they wanted to play. So she passed out cookies, stencils and Royal Icing and they had a blast!

Matter of fact, it was Aunt Martha and Aunt Kitty who decided to steal cousin Rachel's stenciled fondant before she could cut it into strips, to make their bear an ugly Christmas sweater!

Any of you from Texas, be warned...those two are headed back down there, and they're gonna be putting fondant sweaters on any cookie within their reach.   

Now shop all the stuff you need to start outfitting bear cookies:

Many of you have asked how the ECG gets her sugar cookies to bake so perfectly smooth and flat. Did she meet the Devil at a Crossroads and decide that she wasn't cut out to be a blues guitar player, so instead, she'd get the secret recipe for perfect cookies every time? Damn, that would be cool! But instead, she happens to have married into a family with that very recipe! Not sure exactly where, or how Grandma Harriett (our bear sweater geniuses Mom) acquired this recipe, best not to ask. Rather...enjoy!

So now you've got some secret weapons for this year's cookie season. Or DO YOU?  Maybe, just maybe, the ECG has done a little sprinkle shopping lately. Check out all of the new sexy sprinkles and sanding sugars HERE  And we've got loads of new Cookie Stencils and Cookie Cutters just in time for the Holidays!