Mesh Stencils Made Even Easier?

The Evil Cake Genius is psyched about your response to our Mesh Stenciling Tutorial Video.  So many of you who were still a teeny bit chicken to try these awesome stencils have finally taken the plunge, and discovered just how amazing these bad boys are at getting intricate details onto cakes and cookies in minutes! 

Haven't seen the video?  Check it out in all of its Evil Glory HERE

The number one mistake people were making with these stencils was using Royal Icing that hadn't been made Opaque.  Ya see, Mesh stenciling leaves behind such a thin layer of icing, that white Royal Icing is actually see-through if you don't add Liquid Whitener gel color to make the icing opaque.  It also causes colored Royal (other than Black, 'cause Black is, well....Black) to look patchy and watercolored on large areas of stenciling (like stripes, etc.)  Again...add whitener to the Royal Icing, then tint it whatever color you wish, and you'll get bold, solid mesh stenciling!  Seriously people...GO WATCH THE VIDEO!!

Okay, now that you're an expert in Mesh stenciling...prepare to have your MIND BLOWN!!

The ECG wanted to figure out how to make these stencils even easier to use, so she went into her cakey science lab, and didn't come out until she had...wait for it....


It's simple.  The icing mix has the whitener built right into it!  So all you have to do is add water, and it Mesh Stencils perfectly!!  Even over colored backgrounds!  So white shows up over black, Yellow stencils over Blue without turning Green, etc.  That's right!  We use this as a base for any Mesh Stenciling in any color except Black (for that, we just use our Black Royal Icing Mix).

It Comes in bags that are just over a pound (which, as you know, for mesh stenciling, that goes a loooooong way).  

 Seriously!  Yaaaaasssss!!  Now go get yourself a bag of magic, and treat yourself to some new mesh stencils while you're at it.  'Cause you're about to want to Mesh Stencil everything!!  Except the cat.  That just pisses them off!


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