Candy Embossed Cookies

So you love all the new cookie embossers, but you're not a fan of Fondant.  Well, hang onto your cookie cutters...we've just discovered the perfect fix!

Lots of you have discovered cookie embossing as a great tool for creating beautiful cookie designs in a flash!  We love the detail, and the ease of these things, so when we were testing out these new products, we started looking around for ways to make these cookies taste as good as they look.  And we've got 2 amazing Solutions!

1) Chocolate Paste is super easy to make and tastes like white chocolate Tootsie Rolls.  What's not to love? We even have a recipe HERE

2) In our quest to bring even more awesome flavor to embossed cookies, we started experimenting...and you're gonna love what we've discovered!  Watch the Video!!! 

That's right!  Starburst Candy can be melted and stamped!  Simply microwave them in short 5 second bursts, and knead them together with a little bit of fondant, and you'll have Strawberry, Lemon, Orange, and Cherry flavored cookie stamping icing.  Or combine flavors like we did, to make Strawberry Lemonade, or Mixed Citrus (orange plus lemon, makes this great flavor, and a lovely peachy color).  The result is amazing flavor and texture!

Here are a few of our Favorite Embossers for this technique 

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and don't forget the Fondant

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