Introducing Cookie Embossing Stamps:

The ECG loves those intricate cookies coming across her Pinterest feed. But, the thought of pouring hours into a cookie only to have someone snarf it down, melts her brain a little. That's why the ECG developed her line of Cookie Stencils years ago. They provide the fine details in a fraction of the time so she can make cookies, and not have to hurt anyone for trying to eat them. And it is in this spirit of Non-Violent Cookie Making/Eating that she is thrilled to introduce a new must-have cookie tool that impressed the ECG so much, that she's flying them in all the way from Australia!

Cookie Embossing Stamps

They're simple to use!  Just roll out Chocolate Paste or Fondant, emboss the pattern, cut out around it with whatever cookie cutter you used for the cookies, and attach with a tiny bit of corn syrup or glucose!  

It's super easy to make Chocolate Paste, just follow our Recipe Below!

Chocolate Paste

⅔ cup white chocolate chips or rough-chopped Chocolate Candy Melts

3 Tablespoons of Corn Syrup

Melt the chocolate in 15 second intervals in the microwave, stirring frequently. Once the chocolate is melted, add oil based candy color if you like.  Then whisk in the corn syrup until it is combined. The corn syrup will seize the chocolate and it will become a paste. Stir thouroughly. Wrap in plastic wrap to set up. The time it takes to set up varies greatly depending on kitchen temperature, about an hour is average. Refrigerate to speed the process. 

When ready to use, knead the chocolate paste until it is pliable and soft.  You can work out any chunks by kneading it. If you can’t get the chunks to knead out, throw the whole thing back in the microwave and melt it all the way down then whisk it together. Wrap it up in plastic wrap and let is set up again. It should be nice and smooth once it is set up! 

 You can even use the embossers directly onto shortbread cookies!!   Some of the finer letters may fade if the cookies rise too much, so don't try this at all with a standard sugar cookie or any cookie that rises in the oven!!! Any standard Shortbread dough will work.  Just check out these sweeties by My Cookie Crumbled in Australia.

Cookie Stamp on Shortbread

And Sweet Stamp just added a bunch of their own DEBOSSING stamps to their line.  These leave a raised pattern, so the lettering looks like perfectly piped royal icing!

And don't forget...for custom messages, we have mini embossers in Script, Modern, even new symbols and underlines, so that you can really let your cookies do the talking!

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