This Cocoa is Da' Bomb 

It's no surprise that Cocoa Bombs have taken over your newsfeed.  They're great, easy-to-make winter gifts that will actually get used!  And whether you're a purist, and prefer your bombs round, or looking for something a little different, we've got everything you need! There are a couple types of molds. Pick a mold, pick some chocolate and fill those suckers with whatever you want!

Let's Start With One Part Molds:

It's simple.  Fill the molds and dump out the warm chocolate or coating, then scrape along the top edge of the mold for a clean edge. Refrigerate the two halves, pop them out of the mold, then fill one half with cocoa, sprinkles, marshmallows, crushed peppermint candies, whatever your little heart desires. Heat the edge of the empty half, by placing it briefly on a warm cake pan or cookie sheet, and attach it to the filled half. Any of the molds below will work this way. Or, if you prefer an even easier mold, use the Pinecone Mold.  For this shape, simply fill the mold, dump out the chocolate to form a hollow shell. Spread the dumped chocolate evenly over a piece of parchment, and use a cookie cutter to cut discs the size of the pine cone mold opening. Chill these as well. Fill the hollow pinecones with cocoa ingredients, then cap the opening with one of the chocolate discs using a bit of melted chocolate. Refrigerate until set up again, and unmold.

But, 3 Part Molds are AWESOME for Cocoa Bombs:

They're so simple to use! Fill the bottom mould to the fill line with tempered chocolate or melted Chocolate Coating, place the liner in each mould cavity, and gently press the top mould into the bottom. The chocolate fills the mould perfectly. Most of these moulds create two halves that can be attached together to make 3D pieces, or just fill the hollow shell with ganache, cookie dough, or mousse,  and cap the back for a flat-bottomed half mould. Either way, there's no filling, dumping, scraping mess. Just perfect shells! Magic! Here's a quick vid to show you how these work. Who's going to be the first to make Carrot Bombs!!

And, check out those scalloped tops on the dessert cup moulds.  It's all thanks to those handy liners!  Seriously Magic!  Now check out all the cool 3 part moulds:

And Now onto the Coating Chocolate:

Sure, you can temper chocolate for this, but the ECG is faaar too lazy for that.  Instead, use our easy Chocolate Coatings.  They are simply melt-and-mold, and taste incredible.  These are NOT your typical craft store candy melts!

And the Fun Fillings:

And Check out the New Packaging:

And All the other must-have stuff:

And Don't forget about our Paints and Airbrush Paints for chocolate and coatings and Edible Lustres:

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