Ditch the Piping Bag, and Step Away From the Paintbrush! 

 This new technique will change the way you decorate cookies for good! 

Let's get real.  Cookie decorating is tedious.  Now, this is perfectly acceptable for that stand-out cookie or two, but when you've got to make 6 dozen, there's got to be a better way.  And we've found it!  You love our cookie embossers.  You love Lil' Rolly for smoothing your buttercream.  So we've created the ultimate cookie power couple!  Our new cookie Debossers and Lil' Rolly! 

It's simple.  Our new Debossers leave a raised pattern in fondant, so instead of spending too much time hand-painting the wording, all you have to do is roll over the raised pattern with Lil' Rolly and some edible Paint.  Check it out: 

Not a fan of fondant on a cookie?  Mix up a batch of Chocolate Paste, and mix it half and half with the fondant.  The fondant will melt in your mouth and taste delicious! Get Recipe HERE

This technique works with any of our cookie Debossers, and Outboss, by Sweet Stamp, and of course...Lil' Rolly. It also works on some Embossers, just check out how cool it looks on our Skyscraper Embossers HERE

Here are just a few of our favorites for this technique:


And don't forget about the paint!  Our ECG IncrEDIBLE paints are perfect for the job, and they come in matte or super sexy Metallic!


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