When the ECG tried Edible Fabric for the first time, her wee little mind was BLOWN! 

 Introducing our newest addition to the ECG product line: Pre-made Edible Fabric Sheets! These things are amazing!  You can color the white sheets with Luster dust, Petal Dusts, Airbrush or Powdered Food Color, or just use their incredible metallic Silver, Gold or Pearlized sheets right out of the box.

These bad boys are gonna change your cakey life!  The Evil Cake Lair was filled with Evil Cackles, as everything we tried with these sheets worked perfectly!  They make the most elegant and EASY Bows, Ribbons, Swags, even a Hula Skirt and Ballet Tutu!

  This stuff can be printed on if you're one of those fancy-pants bakeries who have an edible printer...which, the ECG is not.  But that got her thinking.  You've all seen how flexible our Mesh Stenciling is...people are always blown away that they can roll up a mesh stenciled piece of fondant without the royal icing cracking...so we did a little experiment.  We stenciled a piece of this magical Edible Fabric with one of our mesh stencils, using Royal Icing.  We let the stenciling dry, and then...we gently curved the stenciled fabric.  It was fine, so we made some swags out of it, we pleated it, we made bows out of it, we just abused the crap out of it!  And the stenciled pattern wouldn't crack!  Holy Crap!!!  

Okay, okay, here's the video proof that you need to get yourself some of this stuff (and a slew of new Mesh Stencils) stat!

How about we talk about one of the ECG's favorite things: Cakes that look way harder to make than they are.

Our Pink Pomp Cake is as EASY AS THIS:

Lots of Dots Montage

How's about we make some Edible Fabric bows? Who's with me!

If you could have only heard the Evil Cackling coming from that kitchen.  Oh hell's yeah! Now go get yourself a little frosting joy, and send us your pics of what amazing things you do with this stuff!

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