Did you know Evil Cake Genius started the Cake Comb and Scraper Craze and hit over 20 Million views featuring a comb set we invented?

Original Cake Combs & Scrapers

Did you know Evil Cake Genius started the Cake Comb and Scraper Craze?

Yep, we invented the first full size stainless steel combs AND shot the first video using them that went viral on social media. Our Spherical Miracle comb video got millions of views on Facebook back in the Spring of 2016 (but it's still not our most viral video). Since then we've invented dozens of stainless steel cake combs ALL with one goal: To make buttercream cake decorating awesome AND easy for us and for YOU too! Watch the original video that started the Cake Comb and Scraper phenomenon and then keep scrolling to learn more about what cake combs and scrapers we've invented since. We've also listed all the combs and other products you'll see in the videos at the bottom of this page for your convenience. NOW... let's watch that first viral video:

We were a little surprised that this video got as much attention as it did, but it made perfect sense... We had just solved a problem that LOTS of decorators like us had struggled with. So, we immediately started out to solve more problems these combs and scrapers could solve. Next up? Easy. How can we get Crisp Sides and Corners on a Buttercream Cake? About 2 months later we developed our Crisp Corners Cake contour combs which we still use to this day. So simple, but soooo GOOD at smoothing cakes. Yes, this little video went viral too. No surprise. We had just solved another problem WE ALL had. We got TONS of comments. Can you guess what most of those comments were??? Watch the video while you think about it.


And the #1 Comment Was: "I love this, but I wish it was adjustable!!"

We of course wished it was adjustable too, so we went back to the drawing board. To be fair, there were one or two plastic cake levelers that existed. The plastic wasn't very sturdy AND most importantly, they couldn't be heated up with hot water AND hold the heat to get that perfect melty smooth buttercream finish. The same goes for any Aluminum combs you find on the market (won't hold heat), Aluminum is cheaper than food grade stainless steel for a reason people! We found out it was a little more difficult than it seemed to get an adjustable cake scraper just right, but behold, The Frostinator!


The Frostinator

Bet you'll NEVER guess what our most watched video of all time is...

...because we would have never guessed either. EVER. We had an order for a cake that was a stack of books so we decided to make a stainless steel cake scraper to make it easier for us. If it worked, we'd add it to our site and offer it to our customers. Everybody wins! Well, since we first posted this video on Facebook a few years back it's had over 20 million views. Most weren't even cake decorators. People just loved to see how the right tools can make quick work of a really difficult project.


So, now we had a formula that worked for us...

Every time we got an order for a cake we thought a comb would make easier, we designed one. Here are a few videos of cake combs that make our decorating life (and yours) easier. It's nice to be able to confidently and quickly decorate these specialty cakes when the opportunity arises. How about a Flower Pot?



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Fault Line Cakes? No problem...



Center Fill Fault Line Buttercream Cake Combs

A Gift Box Cake? No sweat.



Gift Box Stainless Steel Cake Combs

More bang for your buck

A couple years ago we decided to offer buttercream combs and scrapers that weren't cake height specific and also utilize the other side of a single cake comb for a second design. We'd just get rid of the right angle at the top of the cake scraper. We introduced our Double Sided Cake Contour Combs to offer 2 designs for the price of one. These combs have replaced a lot of our popular original contour patterns we used to sell in sets (including our Book Set). Here's some of our Double Sided Cake Combs:


Striped Cakes are HOT AND Your Comb Should Be Too!

This new double sided comb style was PERFECT for our line of stainless steel Stripe Combs. Striped single tier cakes are SUPER POPULAR right now and this technique and these combs will save you TONS of time and make your cake decorating fun and easy. Note: plastic and aluminum combs (we don't sell them) we kitchen tested didn't work anywhere near as well as ours combs because they couldn't retain heat to smooth and melt the buttercream. This technique is waaay easier with a HOT COMB. These combs are super hot (haha) right now and for good reason. See for yourself!

Stripe Cake Comb Technique


Stripe Cake Combs

What's NEW and what's NEXT?

It's been about 5 years since that first viral Spherical Miracle video and now cake combs have become a kitchen staple in cake decorating and we'll continue to add new designs to keep up with emerging trends. If there's any cake comb or scraper in particular you're looking for, just let us know! Lately we've been developing NEW custom cake comb designs with some of our super talented group of Evil Cake Squad members. Check out some of their signature combs and cakes they made with them below. We're also in the process of a NEW double secret line of combs that we would tell you about, but then we'd have to kill you. Seriously, you'll want to see them. If you haven't already, sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of EVERYTHING in the Cake Decorating world including NEW product releases.

Evil Cake Squad Cake Combs & Scrapers

THE next Big Thing you MUST GET TODAY

FINALLY, DO NOT leave our site without taking a look at our Lil' Rolly Frosting Finisher. YES, this IS as magic as it looks. YES, you won't be able to live without one after you use it. YES, you won't be able to live without it after you use it. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

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