Time to Deck the Oreos

It's time to bring out the ugly sweaters and make merry!  Here's a fabbo make-ahead treat to have on hand for last minute gatherings, carollings, wassailings, or whatever-ings that pop up on your Holiday calendar.  The ECG whips up massive amounts of these in late November so she's always ready to spread a little cheer by way of chocolate.  They last for months at room temperature, and everybody loves them.  

This process is stupidly simple...just pop the cookie icing sheet face-down into the bottom of the chocolate covered Oreo mold, melt some chocolate coating (candy melts) and fill the mold to around 1/4" thick.  Press a cookie into the mold, then fill the rest of the mold with more coating.  Throw the mold in the fridge for about 20 minutes, and pop them out.  **TIP** If your coating is too thick, you can stir in some Paramount Crystals to thin it down to a beautiful working-consistency.

Watch how easy it is!

It's really that simple!  And with our cookie Icing sheets PRE-CUT to perfect 2" circles, you can make them faster than an elf on a Venti Americano with an extra shot!

Here's everything you need to make all your Oreos Merry and Bright!

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