You loved our Fabulous Facet and Crisp Corner get a load of these!!

Every decorator needs a set of these bad-boys! 

Our newest silhouette from our Contour Comb Collection is gonna give you a green thumb...

and maybe a little extra cabbage too!

 If you've tried our contour combs, you already know what an incredible time-saver they can be.

Now you can whip out a flower pot cake faster than you can say

"make me a blender drink, I'll be right out!"

 Yep, cover the cake in a thick layer of terra cotta colored buttercream or ganache,

and go for a spin on the turntable with our new Flower Pot Contour Combs

  Add some Oreo Cookie Crumbs and a gum paste flower or two,

and you're outside sipping Margaritas by the neighbor's pool before you know it.

(Well, at least before the neighbor knows it, but that's okay,

they won't be home for at least a couple hours.)

 Just check out the video below to see how easy this is:  

Just warm the Stainless Steel Combs under hot water and

Buttercream and Ganache transform with a few spins on the turntable.

Wanna' see just how crazy these things can get?  Check out our Beauteous Baluster Contour Combs

And get your mind blown by our our Spherical Miracle Contour Combs!

They frost a perfect Sphere so fast it's just kinda'wrong.

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