Baby Showers!

When the Evil Cake Genius started making cakes (none of your beeswax just how long ago that is) she rarely got orders for baby shower cakes.  She did a ton of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and bar and bat mitzvahs, but baby shower cakes were typically left up to someone's aunt who liked to bake.  Now we're sure that Aunt Ruthie can rock out quite the baby bump cake, but lately, we've seen an influx of baby shower cake orders at our Evil Cake Lair.  From Couples Showers to Gender Reveals, we've been up to our eyeballs in baby stuff this year.  That's why when we got to make a baby shower cake for Evil Minion Jenna's sister, and she said those four glorioius words "DO WHATEVER YOU WANT" we just about lost our minds choosing from all the new baby and kid stencils we have to choose from!


It was a gimme that our Folk Art Animal Mesh Stencil would make an appearance on the cake ('cause, well, try to look at it without cooing) but we had been dying to try out our Lisa Raffael Skinny Chevron Stencil on a non-nautical cake for some time too.  Finish it off with a bow (or in this case, bow-tie) made out of our new favorite product Edible Fabric Sheets stenciled with our polka dot stencil from the Essential Geometric Pattern Stencil Set, and let's just say that the cute-ometer was reading at a record level.

The Evil Cake Genius is still stunned by how much detail you can get on a cake in such a small amount of time with our Mesh Stencils.  Matter of fact, this cake went so fast, that she couldn't go home that early, or she'd be expected to do something horrible like cook dinner or clean something, so instead, she cranked out some Baby Rattle Macaron Treats and cookies with the Folk Art Animal Cookie Stencils to make sure the husband beat her home.  Share her fear of housework? Check out all of our  Baby and Kid Cookie Stencils HERE and spend more time doing what you love!


 What's not to fear, is making French Macarons!  Check out how we've solved all of your French Macaron Frustrations with our Fool Proof French Mac Mix and Perfect Size Macaron Shell Baking Matts.

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