5 x the Glitz! New Glitzy as Hell™ Edible Glitter

You know the ECG loves her some shiny, sparkly details on everything, right? Did you really think that our new Shiny as Hell Edible Lusters in Jumbo Jars would be where she stopped? Of course not. Introducing our NEW Glitzy as Hell Edible Glitter! Perfect for Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Cherries... EVEN Glitzy as HELL Beverages!  Whaa?? Yep. Keep scrolling to see this stuff in action!

Glitzy as Hell Edible Glitter

Let's talk Glitzy details:

Is it edible?

Yes! Our Glitzy as Hell Edible Glitters are made with 100% Edible FDA approved ingredients.

Is it affordable?

That's a big ol' Yes! The ECG negotiated for Giant 25 gram jars!  That's 5 to 10 times the size of the competition, making our Glitters about half the price per gram!

How Glitzy is it?

See for yourself!! We don't call it Glitzy as Hell for nothing!! This video is unedited and real time so you can see just how fast it is to make Glitzy as Hell cupcakes. And can you guess what the cherry on top of all of this good news is? Uh, well... that's, uh, just an actual cherry. We bought it at the grocery store by our house when we got stuff for dinner. But oooooh glitzy!

Ooooh Glitzy... Keep scrolling to find that amazing Sultan Tip we used to frost these cuties in flawlessly-fast fashion and other goodies from the video.

But Hold Your Horses! Can I Make Glitzy and Fabulous as Hell Drinks?

Yes! Ok, you can let go of your horses now. Here's the thing, not only CAN you do it, you can do A LOT more Drinks with our Jumbo Jars than you can with those expensive mini jars they sell everywhere else. You should be able to Glitz Up around 100 5oz glasses of wine per jar. Dude, that's 20 cents a drink. PARTY! Ok, check out these vids and then track down those horses you let go of. Those buggers are FAST!

Oh, one more thing! While we're talking about sexy drinks, did you know we have a whole category dedicated to upping your beverage game??

Now let's get onto the saving some money! They're ALL on SALE for just $19.99/jar!

But hurry, this offer is only good for a limited time, and while supplies last!

Let's shop!

And don't forget the cupcake supplies!

Now check out our 100% Shiny as Hell Edible Lusters!!

Shiny as Hell Edible Lusters

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