5 x the Shine! New Shiny as Hell Edible Luster Dusts

The ECG loves her some shiny, sparkly details on everything.  But she couldn't find an edible luster on the market that did everything she wanted.  She asked around, and it turns out that you guys were hitting the same wall with lusters.  So, together, we built a wish-list for the perfect Luster Dust, and now it's here!!

Shiny as Hell Edible Lusters

Let's break it down:

Is it edible?

Yes!  Our Shiny as Hell Luster Dusts are made with 100% Edible FDA approved ingredients.

Is it water soluble?

That's another Yes!  Our Shiny as Hell Luster Dusts can be used dry, or mixed with water, alcohol, or cooking oil to make edible paints for a variety of uses.

Is it affordable?

That's a big ol' Yes! The ECG negotiated for Giant 25 gram jars!  That's 5 to 10 times the size of the competition, making our Lusters about half the price per gram!

How's it look?

See for yourself!!  We don't call it Shiny as Hell for nothing!!  This video is unedited and real time so you can see just how fast it is to make store-bought candy into edible pearls with this amazing Luster.

You'll never look at Whoppers the same way again!

Let's shop!

Now check out our Jumbo Jars of 100% Edible Glitter!!

Glitzy as Hell Edible Glitter

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