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Isomalt Pillows Bronze

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Isomalt Pillows Bronze

Evil Cake Ingredient

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This is big! For years, The Evil Cake Genius has struggled with Isomalt for molding and pulled sugar awesomeness. Throw away your candy thermometer, and get a load of these microwaveable little sugar miracles! Just melt and use instantly in hard candy molds (we love using them for Sugar Gems) or stretch and pull them into ribbons and other shapes.  Whatever you do with them, you'll look like a true Evil Cake Genius with minimal effort!!

What is Isomalt? Isomalt is a versatile, crystalline substance with many different uses and applications. It’s derived from sucrose and preferred by pastry and cake professionals for its stability and usability. However, it’s difficult to cook isomalt crystals on the stove and achieve the proper cooking and tempering conditions. This stovetop cooking method is also tedious and time-consuming.

 Our pre-cooked Isomalt Pillows are pure evil genius! This unique isomalt can be melted in the microwave, making it easy to add sparkle and dimension to cakes. Use the colors straight, or add one colored pillow to several clear pillows to get pastel colors.  You can also add gel food color to enhance and change the color of the Isomalt. 7oz bag.


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