New Buttercream Technique: Mesh Stenciling & Watercolor Painting on Icing Sheets 

It's time to expand your repertoire!  This gorgeous cake has absolutely NO FONDANT on it, so it's just as delicious as it is beautiful. 

The Key is our Icing Sheets!  These super-thin sheets are made to adhere to buttercream cakes, but can be Mesh Stenciled and hand painted just like fondant.  Simply, Mesh Stencil the Pattern in Black Royal Icing, thin down our ECG IncrEDIBLE Paints with Poppy Paint Thinner until they are translucent (for a true watercolor look,) cut out the pattern, and attach the sheet to a freshly buttercream-frosted cake (don't forget to whiten your buttercream with our Wickedly White Powder for a crisp white!)

If you're like the ECG, and like to set your buttercream cakes up in the fridge before decorating them, simply brush the back of the icing sheet with Edible Glue to adhere it to the crusted buttercream.  Watch how easy it is:

It's that simple.  Of course, the ECG couldn't help herself...she neeeeeded to drip some of our Gold Royal Icing over the edge, and embellish the cake with her favorite Dragee Kiss, and new Edible Rose Petals, but you can go as simple or as detailed as you like.  Most importantly, the Mesh Stenciling World is your Buttercreamy Oyster(bet you've never heard that phrase before) so browse all of those beautiful stencils, get some icing sheets, and go, go, GO!!  

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