Mosaic made easy! And FREE!!
READ on to see what these beautiful stencils can do, then: 
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How many times have you talked someone out of a mosaic cake because, don't have 200 hours to cut out perfect little tiles and place them perfectly on a cake tier?!?  Our new Mosaic Stencils get perfect tile patterns in MINUTES!!!  Stencil with Royal Icing, Spray with Wicked Shiny for insanely realistic shiny tile look, and do your evil happy dance. You just won at cakey life.


And as always, you get to see the Evil Cake Genius have her first try at these stencils.  Yes, you heard her right...this was her first try!



And let's talk about versatile!  We've designed everything from classic mosaic patterns, to campy bathroom tile (for all of your rubber ducky cakes-see video below) to Natural Crystalline patterns to accent Marble and Geode Cake tiers.  You'll use these stencils to decorate Cake Boards and Cake Tiers for all occasions.

Watch us make Rubber Ducky Cupcakes with an edible bathroom floor! We made the ducks with Reuse-A-Mold! For more info on how Reuse-A-Mold works, go  here. We used especially for chocolate Poppy Paints to paint the rubber duckies, no beading!



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