New Stencils from Cake Halliday

As Cake Decorators, we often have to put our own style aside in order to make our customer happy.  The ECG has done this more times than she cares to remember, but it's all part of the job.  On the upside, adjusting to someone else's vision can push a decorator out of their comfort zone, and that's where some of the best cakes the ECG has ever made came from. 

Then there are decorators like Caroline of Cake Halliday.  Yes, she executes her client's visions with immaculate precision, and style.  But it's when she's left to her own devices, that she constantly challenges herself, and the art of cake decorating.  And we love creating stencils for her every whim!  Her latest additions are no exception.  Just take a look at this beautiful Venetian Lace Mesh Stencil.  She hand-drew the elements based on a real lace pattern, and here is the result:

A beautiful wedding cake stenciled and over-piped with our Silver Royal Icing Mix.   But, just when most of us would have kicked back, and relished in a job-well-done, she went back to the kitchen and made another cake!

And we're glad she did!  We love the traditional lace pattern on a gravity defying modern layout.  And, yes, selfishly, the ECG wanted to see that lace done with our Gold Royal Icing Mix too.  Win. Win.

But let's talk a bit more about gravity-defying cakes.

This Epic Cake was Caroline's answer to our new (now called) Monarch Band Stencil.  It started as an abstract pattern, but once she made this cake, complete with Ginormous Edible Fabric Wings, we had to rename it.  And yes, you can get the Ginormous Mesh Butterfly Wing Mesh Stencil now too!  She was generous enough to share with us, that the edges of the edible fabric wings were tucked under over a wire frame to hold their beautiful shape.  We still don't know how she got the cake to levitate, and honestly believe it's magic.  But it would be just as beautiful on a pedestal cake stand.  

But that's not all she's been up to.  She's added her very own Alphabet Set to her line.  And she's got a line of mix and match borders on the way too. 

The alphabet sets can create any message, and we just had to laugh at the first message she chose.  We know, Caroline... we know. 

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