Origami Cakes

These gorgeous cakes may look like they took forever to make, but they're suprisingly simple to make...Hooray!

We love when things work out that way.  Simply melt some chocolate or confectionery coating (if you're like the ECG and don't have the patience for tempering,) spread it on the texture sheet, let it set up at room temp for a few minutes, and wrap it around a chilled, frosted cake.  Let it set up in the fridge, and remove the mold.  Here-take a look:


It's just that easy!!!  Now check out all three designs:

And with our line of coating chocolates, you don't even need to temper the chocolate!

You can color the white coating with any of our oil-based candy colors:

Or brush the finished cake with edible lustre:

Or airbrush it with our Airbrush Colors for Chocolate:

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