Take your airbrushing to the Pro Level

The ECG has been airbrushing on cakes for 15 years.  Funny, it started out as a luke-warm sentiment.  Seemed like an okay idea to add that skill to her cakey arsenal.  Well, 6 months after purchasing her first airbrush (a Paasche compressor and Single Action Pen) she couldn't make a cake without it!  Airbrushing is great for stenciling and getting stroke-free metallic tiers, but as it turns out, a teeny bit of edging in a slightly darker shade than the frosting color on the top and bottom edge of any tier takes the cakes from good to Whuh, Whuh? Good.

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But right now, we're gonna' take some time to share her favorite Pro Airbrush Brand

We love Paasche for their incredible products, and awesome product support. They're manufactured in the Good Ol' US of A, and have full repair facilities on site, so if and when you need a tune up, they're there for you. What we DON'T love about them, is that they have an insanely vast line of products for everything from Auto Body Shops and Surf Shops, to Make Up Artists and Cake Decorators. That's great...until you're trying to navigate which of their hundreds of airbrush heads, compressors, pens, and needles are right for you. That's why we've worked closely with Paasche to put together the best combinations of products specifically for us Cake Heads. 

And for a very limited time, we're even going to put the entire Paasche line ON SALE!!

  • Our Paasche Beginner Set is the airbrush that the ECG started with, and still uses on a regular basis.  It is the best pen to use for stenciling and full cake coverage, and the single-action pen is easy to use whether you've ever picked up an airbrush or not!  The Trigger is basically an on/off switch, and the amount of paint that flows through the pen is dictated by turning the cone-shaped valve on the airbrush pen.  
  • The Paasche Pro Set includes a dual-action pen that allows you to control the paint flow by depressing the trigger to start the flow of paint, and as you pull the trigger back, more paint comes out (wider, more diffused pattern).  It allows for varying from fine to thick lines single-handedly.

The AMAZING thing about both of these sets, is that we have created 3 in 1 sets for both airbrush pens.  Each Set includes 3 interchangeable heads for their respective pen, so you can use the same pen as a Fine Project Pen, a Standard Pen and a Large Project Pen simply by changing the head!  Both of these pens are equipped to handle both standard airbrush paints, as well as Pigment-based, thicker airbrush paints like the ECG Airbrush Colors when using the factory installed, and Large Heads.  The Large Heads are even capable of spraying Lustre Dusts and Metallic Powders mixed with Alcohol!   

We've also added all the extras to our line, like the Talon (insert screeching bad-ass eagle sound here) Fine Project Pen, the Finest Detail Pen available.  It's capable of creating down to a 1/64 inch line, and is the go-to pen for Cookiers.  And all of the heads are available a la carte, so that you can create your dream combination, along with extra long hoses, and extra covered paint cups!

So let's go!!!  It's time to pull the trigger (pun intended) on airbrushing.  You'll be glad you invested in one, and in yourself!


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